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Mayo Energy Hub Concept

Mayo 1.JPG


This Mayo Energy Hub Concept, is currently an amalgamation of three separate Ideas developed over a couple of years. Comprising a Port, Pumped Hydro Energy Storage and Community Benefits as the spin-off. The objective being to try to initiate a Comprehensive & multi-pronged Enterprise Dynamic, in this long-neglected Region of Ireland.

It is well-known that the Energy Creating Potential of the Atlantic Ocean off the West Coast of Ireland offers a massive economic opportunity for the Region.


If Mayo Politicians have the vision, they should recognize that Clew Bay, sheltered from Atlantic Storms, is ideally located to take advantage of the opportunity this Mayo Energy Hub Concept illustrates.

Concept jpeg illustrations taken off PowerPoint follow:

Mayo 2.JPG
Mayo 3.JPG
Mayo 4.JPG
Mayo 5.JPG
Mayo 6.JPG
Mayo 7.JPG
Mayo 8.JPG
Mayo 9.JPG
Mayo 10.JPG
Mayo 11.JPG
Mayo 13.JPG
Mayo 14.JPG
Mayo 15.JPG
Mayo 16.JPG
Mayo 17.JPG
Mayo 18.JPG
Mayo 19.JPG
Mayo 20.JPG
Mayo 21.JPG
Mayo 22.JPG
Mayo 23.JPG
Mayo 24.JPG
Mayo 25.JPG
Mayo 26.JPG
Mayo 27.JPG
Mayo 28.JPG
Mayo 29.JPG
Mayo 30.JPG
Mayo 31.JPG
Mayo 32.JPG
Mayo 33.JPG
Mayo 34.JPG
Mayo 35.JPG
Mayo 36.JPG
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