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NOTE - This region is familiar to me since childhood, with family holidays spent in St Anne's starting in the late 1930's.

The economic decline since this time has been both remarkable and significant. One of the main reasons being the poor infrastructure, a political legacy of a "London Centric Britain". It makes travel along the coast from Chester to Lancaster all but impossible. Travelers  are required to take either the long road inland via the M6, or via Warrington/Preston if travelling by rail.

Yet in my childhood, I recall elders saying that plans had been made to link Southport and Blackpool by bridge. It is an idea that has remained at the back of my mind since those far off days!

One of the advantages of modern construction methods, is that islands can now be readily constructed using ocean-going pump suction dredgers. The Ribble Estuary is a Protected Area for wildlife etc. Instead of encroaching on this Protected Area, a new Ribble Island forms the basis of this Idea. This Ribble Island will be formed at the mouth of the Estuary. It has a dual use as follows: It significantly extends the Protected Area and could be the location of a Wildlife Centre. It forms the middle section of a multi-function transportation link between Southport and Lytham. Multi-function includes: Walkways, Cycleways, Utilities, Light Railway and Toll Motorway for automated electric public and private vehicles.

Southport to Blackpool Metrorail
Location Plan
Southport to Blackpool Metrorail
Telling statistics - Depravation due to infrastructural deficiencies
Liverpool Waterfront
A painting by Ross Eccles
Blackpool Tower and Seafront
A painting by Ross Eccles
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