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Annacotty Weir & Riverside Park 

pw25-21 Annacotty Weir & Mill 12 x 9in (
Pen & Watercolour sketch of the weir and Mill by Ross


Section added April 2021: 

In support of Dr. Will O'Connor's Petition to have the Annacotty Weir removed.


The Weir, a significant barrier to migrating river species including, salmon, sea-trout, eels and lamprey, no longer serves any useful purpose. The associated structures are an eyesore and increase flooding risk. The banks of the Mulkear River have great Community Park potential,  but have been allowed to grow wild.

The Weir dating from 1749, was first built by Joseph Sexton to power his paper mill. Water was diverted via the millstream and used to rotate a water wheel and shaft drive.  At that time, before the age of steam, water wheels were the prime energy source for powering mill machinery.

The Weir has since undergone several reconstructions and "fish passage upgrades" during its long lifetime, but none have proved satisfactory in resolving the problem of river species migration.

It is now time for the Annacotty Weir to be removed.

The following graphics illustrate how this can be successfully achieved.

Graphic Proposals for Flood Control, a Riverside Park and and Eco-Village are also included.

Annacotty Weir
Location Map
Removing the Weir
Weir - photograph as existing
Photo-Sketch illustrating potential change with weir part-removed
W.D11 - Weir removed and river widened -
Photo-Sketch with Weir entirely removed
Photo view from the weir
Sketch-Photo from same viewpoint with weir removed
Riverside - Satellite view as existing 
Proposed Park superimposed on satellite view
Woodstown Eco-Village.JPG
Woodstown Eco-Village superimposed on satellite view


Eco-Village Notes:

The underlying problem with modern estate housing in Ireland, is that it is primarily developer led.

Profit motive is the objective, so standard housing types are constructed, regardless of the individual needs and special requirements of each and every family. Particularly in this age when computerized manufacturing allows us to customize house components at negligible additional cost!

Common sense tells us that the economic resources and needs of every family are different!

So why are we being directed to live in these mega-expensive, standardized boxes with little variation. Where profit on the serviced land alone can make up to half the sale price?

Check: Serviced land cost + house building cost + fees & charges + profit = sale price.

I suggest that politics and the political system is at the source of the problem!

Land price greed has been a lucrative "under-the-table" source of funding for politicians and political parties, since the foundation of The State.

This is unlikely to change until a frustrated public demand action!

People become very frustrated when they, their children & grandchildren cannot afford to house themselves.

Yet even in the ghetto's of South America and the displacement camps of Africa and the Middle East, people are being housed. So why has it become such a problem in Ireland?

The archaic Planning System, demands building standards which are admirable in theory, but which very few can afford.

Irish Building Standards can be constantly upgraded, until only millionaires can afford houses.

Surely, the sensible objective is to allow most families to own a decent house, at a price-point they can afford.

It is obvious that the Planning System requires fundamental reform!

An Annacotty Cooperative Society was formed in the 1890's. So Annacotty already has a long history of community cooperation. A Cooperative Trust could form the basis for managing an Eco-village Community. Individual Sites could be leased and a zero-carbon footprint could be set for each individual house design. With profit motive absent costs will be significantly lower. Individually designed, innovative house forms should be permitted, once these are supervised and signed off by any qualified architect or engineer.

Satellite view of Weir & Bridges
Concept Flood Proposals superimposed on Satellite view
Annacotty Weir Photo 9 - Copy.JPG
Early Photo-Sketch (1) illustrating river with Weir removed
Annacotty - weir and millrace removed.JP
Alternative Photo-Sketch (2)
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