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Tidal Flood Prevention Overview

Why isn't surge tide flooding risk taken seriously?
How many deaths and how much property damage will occur, if we assume that a 3 metre or even a mere 2 metre
surge tide event happens in Cork City in the relatively near future?
Cork flooding.JPG
Cork City
Tidal Flood Prevention Overview

Note Added 10.10.20

Ireland has a long history of incompetence, in Environmental and Flood Protection Management.

A situation brought about by an unreformed political system which allows male-dominated, fingers-in-the-pie, personal self-aggrandizement to flourish.

A system perpetuated by the growing practice of political misrepresentation and deliberate lying to the public, without either legal consequence or sanction!

Notwithstanding political lip-service to the contrary, challenges to the status-quo by whistle-blowers are actively discouraged by surreptitious forms of blacklisting. So the incompetence goes on!

The many Excellent firms of Irish Consultants employed to advise Authorities, are well-aware of the politics involved.

So they quite understandably, toe-the-line when they know that any rocking-of-the-boat will cause them to lose a substantial Client.

Consultants are also well-aware that The Netherlands leads the way in EU Flood Protection Standards. Standards which could well be copied by the Irish Authorities.

But, knowing the consequences, they sensibly refuse to become involved in political matters outside their remit.

So Ireland, notwithstanding the known effects of Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels, still plods along using

OPW Flood Protection Standards of 1:100 fluvial and 1:200 tidal, with absolutely no recognition of the Mortality Risk to a seriously unprotected and long-suffering public!

Concerned groups, such as the Save Cork City Group, currently faces the ire of politicians, desperate to provide cover for their long-standing record of neglect and incompetence in floodwater management.

Sadly, support from outside the State is required for this Group to have any chance of succeeding, in their welcome challenge to Incompetent Authority.

Note added 23.10.2020

This weeks flooding of Cork City, happened after a quite normal weather event. This repeat flooding is of course, soul-destroying for local residents and traders.

But a far more serious and potentially catastrophic problem looms large........!

Only a barrier can protect against a 2 metres or more surge tide!

Government Spokespersons, who talk of a time scale of 20 years to build a suitable protective barrage for the City, have obviously not lived through a war!

Time scales quickly change when desperate measures are called for.

And desperate measures are now required before a catastrophic flooding event devastates Cork City!

Time-scale doubters may wish to refer to a Massive Construction Project now taking place in Ashford, Kent, England. Where the UK Government has recently taken direct control of a Parking Project (Farage Garage), to further it's Political Agenda.

Netherlands Dyke Ring Standards Map.JPG
Dyke Ring Flood Protection Standards Map
Netherlands Irish Flood Standard.JPG
Cork City
A Comparison of Tidal Flood Standards
Cork City
Tidal Flood Prevention Proposals
Lough Mahon Flood Gates Option.JPG
Cork City
Lough Mahon Flood Gates Option
Cork City
Cork Harbour Map showing barrage location
Cork City
Barrage Location Plan
Cork City
Bird's Eye View of Barrage 
Cork City
View of Barrage Site
Cork City
View of Barrage as proposed
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