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New motorway access in Lancashire


A recent visit to the Barton Grange Garden Centre on the A6, prompted this Graphic Proposal. The M6 Motorway is a short distance from the A6 Brock roundabout and is in clear view. Yet access to the Motorway is denied! It is not only denied to this busy Centre with its many thousands of visitors daily, but denied to an entire population of some 10,000 people living close by in the Wyre District of Garstang. The nearest access to the M6 is via Junction 32 at Broughton (a notorious traffic "black spot" on the M55) and Junction 33 at Lancaster South (a long detour to the North!). The Proposed Junction 32a will also serve the North Fylde region including Fleetwood, Thornton Cleveleys and Poulton which also suffer from poor access to the M6 and the Motorway Network in general.

This Proposal seems so obvious in traffic infrastructural terms. But infrastructure in the North of England has been neglected over many years, leading to continuing social decline!.......... And political talk of a "Northern Power House" social and economic revival, still remains talk!

Brock Interchange, Lancashire
M6 Junction 32a - Proposal Title
Brock Interchange Lancashire
M6 Junction 32a - Layout Plan
Brock Interchange, Lancashire
M6 Junction 32a - Location Map
Brock 5.JPG
Brock Interchange, Lancashire
M6 Junction 32a - Existing Topographical Layout
A31-17 Skipool Creek 24x18in.JPG
Skipool Creek, Wyre
A 2018 painting by Ross Eccles
A26-17 Baines Endowed School 30x20in.JPG
Baines Endowed Primary School, Thornton Cleveleys
A 2017 painting by Ross Eccles gifted to the School
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