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Concept Design - 2007

Note: A helicopter accident was the trigger for this Concept Design which dates from 2007. My questioning - why are helicopters so dangerous? Could I design a fail-safe mechanism? ...... How things have moved on in the 11 years since that time! Particularly in regard to drone development and design. The following design development pages, which date from that time are added Jan 2020.

Ring Rail1.JPG
Ring Rail2.JPG
Ring Rail3.JPG
Ring Rail4.JPG
Ring Rail5.JPG
Ring Rail6.JPG
Ring Rail7.JPG


Helicopter Concept 1.jpg
Helicopter Concept 2.jpg
Note - Magnetic Bearing with flywheel propelled by pulsed magnetic linear actuators
Helicopter Concept 3.jpg
Helicopter Concept 5.jpg
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