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Sligo Port Concept

Note - (revised 16.8.20) 

Sligo's Atlantic Port and Docks have a long and proud heritage!

They were once served by good infrastructure, including rail links to both Dublin and Limerick.


It begs the question.....Why has the vision and foresight that propelled Entrepreneurs, Engineers and others, who developed the many brilliant examples of Infrastructure in the Region, seemingly been lost? 

Is it due to decades of political negligence, incompetence & corruption or to more basic economic factors?

Sligo Port was infamous for being Ireland's main emigration Port during the Famine. It is the only working Harbour between Galway and Derry.

A particular event in it's history, the 1913 Sligo Docks Strike, was a landmark victory for James Larkin, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union and workers rights in general.

Long associated with decline and decay, both Sligo Port and the Local Region, have a bright future if the vast potential for increasing business & development activity in the region can be realized.

This potential includes Development of the Port as a strategic Base for exploiting Atlantic Ocean Resources Development, including Energy, Bio, extending to automated marine and aerial survey, exploration & transportation.

The attached Sligo Port Concept assumes the following:

A political will to progress necessary Infrastructural Change. 

EU Regional Development Funding for Research and Development is available.

Port Lands to be reclaimed with sheet piling, back-filled with material from a deepened channel and Harbour Docks area by pump-suction dredgers.

Concept By Pass is designed as a combined greenway for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as accommodating electric and hydrogen powered vehicles.

The Garavogue Estuary Bridge crossing, incorporates a swing bridge.

A Railway freight line extends into the Port for direct loading of containers and general cargo, using hydrogen powered trains.

IT Sligo has an opportunity to establish a Marine Engineering Research Department in the Port Area.

A Service Base for Offshore Wind and Wave energies can be established.

A liquid hydrogen Plant powered by green energy powers the Port Area, Trains, Vehicles, Ships etc.

Container handling and many other activities will be automated.

Pilots can take charge of unmanned ships and other vessels for the last leg into Port.

A Heliport and unmanned aerial & marine vehicle port to be accommodated within the Port Area.

Agricultural, Forest & Building Material exports / imports are included in general cargo.

Fishing activity remains centred on the Port at Killybegs.

Sligo Port Cencept - Location.jpg
Sligo Port & By Pass
Location Plan
Sligo Port Revised 16.8.20.JPG
Sligo Port & Docks
Atlantic Ocean Service Base
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