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Shannon Midlands
Logistics Corridor



Athlone is located at the very heart of Ireland!

It's location on a major European navigable river, is so strategic, that it is hard to understand why Infrastructural Development, has been so neglected to date. Lack of political vision and will for change, can be the only logical explanation!

In order to for Athlone to develop into a major city, the infrastructural fundamentals need to be addressed. These can be broken down into the following:

1. Politics and the will for change.

2. Shannon Flooding & Climate Change

3. Communication links with the rest of Ireland.

4. City & Community Planning.

5. Business, Enterprise, Tourism and Agriculture

5. Financing & Economics

1. See The Politics of Change section for details.

2. The risk of devastating Shannon Flooding Event happening soon, is increasing all the time due to Climate Change. In order for flooding to be controlled, a new Sluice Dam at the mouth of Lough Ree becomes an essential requirement. River flow volume can then be controlled as far as Lough Derg. The existing Athlone Weir should then be removed and, the river bed lowered upstream as far as the Sluice Dam. This has the effect of increasing the height of the existing Athlone Quay Walls. A lowered river bed also gives increased navigational clearance under existing bridges.

3. A Shannon Navigation will link Athlone with the rest of Europe by water. Barge transportation costs are a fraction of road and rail transportation costs and, the economics of many European Cities is based on Canal Transportation.     see Port of Nuremberg:

4. City & Community Infrastructure requires Comprehensive Planning. Only when the flooding issue is resolved, does the floodplain becomes available for City Development. A new University Hospital serving the Midlands Region, is but one obvious Public Health Requirement.

5. Business & Enterprise need well-planned & coordinated infrastructure in order to thrive and prosper. The low-cost transportation opportunities created by a Shannon Navigation are endless. They include import and export of goods from across the World to Athlone, which then becomes a Distribution Warehouse to the rest of Ireland.

There is a new opportunity for Farming to move away from the uneconomic beef fattening model, and return to more sustainable crops, such as high-yielding hemp, which was once grown in Ireland and has a multiplicity of beneficial uses, including eco-friendly house insulation. The Shannon Navigation opens the Shannon to the Cruise Boat Industry and the employment benefits of Tourism.

6. Finance is available from the EU for multi-modal transportation under the TEN-T Programme. Shipping charges can be introduced. Land rezoning permit charges can be implemented. Land can remain in State ownership and let to Developers on long-lease. In this way, capital value and international borrowing capacity, remains in State control. A fair taxation system can be implemented, where multinational and local businesses are treated equally.

Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Athlone's Strategic Location
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Export Route 
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Lough Ree Water Level Control Dam
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Athlone - The Flooding Problem
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Athlone Concept Plan
Athlone - Regional Capital 1.2.20.JPG
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Athlone - Regional Capital Concept Plan
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Athlone Port Development Concept
Athlone Earth1 lettering 22.2.18.JPG
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Athlone Port and Enterprise Zone
Athlone tanker.JPG
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Barge passing through Athlone
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Athlone Cruise Boat Dock  
Athlone cruise dock Aug 2018 - Copy - Co
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
River Cruise Barge Docking in Athlone
Lough Ree Sluice 23.6.20.JPG
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Lough Ree Sluice Dam, Fish Pass & Greenway
Shannon Midlands - Logistics Corridor
Remove Athlone Weir and lower river bed to Navigate Bridges
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