GB.7. - Linking Argyll & Inverclyde
The Clyde Bridge


Argyll has been poorly connected to Glasgow and the rest of Scotland from time immemorial!

Some people like it this way and prefer to stick with the status-quo notwithstanding the inconveniences.
Change is promoted by a younger generation suffering from a lack of prospects and opportunities, who see migration as an unwelcome alternative.

In our interlinked, fast-changing world of climate-change and pandemic, efficient infrastructure lies at the heart of social and economic progress. It allows communities to interlink, interact and thereby prosper.

The problem is that the fate of large-scale infrastructural projects, happens to be determined by politicians. Irrationally influenced by groupthink, lobbying, pressure groups and short-term thinking.

With the above in mind, the Scottish National Party have recently announced an investigation into a possible Dunoon, Gourock bridge. Let us call it the Clyde Bridge.

Once a Clyde Bridge is in place a new direct route to Oban can be opened up, by building a short link road and a new bridge across Loch Fyne.
Consideration can also be given to linking with Ireland via a Tunnel under the North Channel, from the Mull of Kintyre to Co. Antrim in Ireland.

The Concept Graphics below illustrate how the above can be achieved.


Clyde Bridge Concept

Clyde Bridge Map.JPG
Linking Argyll & Inverclyde
Concept Transportation Route
Clyde Bridge
Concept sketch from Dunoon side
Clyde Bridge
Concept photo-sketch Dunoon side
D & O 5.JPG
Clyde Bridge
Concept Location
D & O 4.JPG
Clyde Bridge
Aerial view of the Dunoon side
Gourock Dunoon Bridge 1.JPG
Clyde Bridge
Concept sketch from the Gourock side
D & O 6.JPG
Clyde Bridge
Plan superimposed on marine contours map