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Arklow Wind Port Concept

(includes added designs for a multifunction port with
Ro-Ro and Container Docks etc.)



Note added Nov 2021

OffshoreWind is the "New Green" buzzword in Ireland.

Yet the fundamental requirement of all Offshore Energy Companies is a Base Port.

Non are readily available on the East Coast of Ireland. 

A New Custom Built Port is the obvious answer.

The following Concept Plans illustrate how this can be achieved:

Many International Energy Companies are keen to enter Ireland's potentially Huge Offshore Energy Market, but Conditions have to be Right for Business to wish to involve itself.

Yet Green, sound and ethical Business, is capable of generating money to the advantage of all!

The fundamental stumbling-block to all Economic Progress in Ireland, invariably comes down to Politics.

Until the "Planning System" and Cromwellian Rights-of-Property Laws are changed to serve the needs of the Irish Public, all forms of construction & infrastructural development will remain a frustratingly long drawn-out challenge, to any International Energy Company wishing to become involved.

In this regard, a Public /Private partnership Model, with the needs of multiple partners being taken into consideration holds advantages for the local community


Existing East Coast Ports are already Working at Capacity. Space is at a premium.

Rosslare Port should concentrating on it's rapidly-growing Sea Trade with Europe.

Wicklow Port has little room for major expansion and Plans for a small Wind Base are included at the end of this Section. As are links to other East Coast Concept Ports.

Arklow Wind Port 
Title Page
Arklow Wind Port 
Wind Farm Location Map 
Arklow Wind Port
View of Existing
Arklow Wind Port
Satellite Map of Existing
Arklow Wind Port
Layout Plan as Proposed
Arklow Wind Port
Drone image of Layout Plan
Arklow Wind Port
Marine Contours
Arklow Wind Port
Quarry - Concept Commercial Layout on recycled lands
Arklow Wind Port
Associated Enterprise Park
Arklow Wind Port
Associated Container and Ro-Ro Terminal
Arklow Rock Multifunction Port.JPG
Arklow Multifunction Port
Comprising - Container, Ro-Ro & Offshore Wind Docks



Integrating the Port with Arklow Town

Constructing an Arklow Wind Port should not be considered in isolation. It needs to be fully integrated to become, not only a living part of Arklow Town, but integrated with other National Services including: Road, Rail, Electricity, Gas & Broadband.

Concepts for integrating Arklow Wind Port with Arklow Town are illustrated with Graphics as follows:

  • Road linking the Port with the R772 via the existing Knockmore / Maples roundabout.

  • Road linking the Port Directly with N11 Junction 21

  • Irish Rail Freight Terminal serving the Port off the Main Dublin Wexford Line.

  • Gas Networks Ireland Terminal for feeding Green Hydrogen into the National Gas Grid.

  • New Bridge over the Avoca River to relieve the Main Street and Town Bridge of choking traffic.

  • New Bridge opens up the Avoca River floodplain and the North bank to Town Infill Development.

  • New N11 Junction 20A on the R447  Arklow / Woodenbridge Road gives direct Town Centre access.

Arklow Wind Port
Road, Rail & Utilities Connectivity
Arklow Wind Port
Town Connectivity Improvement Plans
Arklow Town Revitilisation.JPG
Arklow Wind Port
Town Revitilisation (added 10.4.23)
Arklow Wind Port
Proposal to divert traffic away from the Main Street and over a New Bridge
Arklow Wind Port
New Junction 20A allowing Traffic on the N11 exit onto the R747 Arklow, Woodenbridge Road
Arklow Town Bridge
A Graphic Sketch by Ross
Wicklow Harbour Concept


Wicklow Harbour has little additional capacity unless new Breakwaters are constructed. Shallow approach depths work against this type of Harbour Development.

The Concept Graphic Plan below illustrates how a small Wind Support Base can be constructed. Also illustrates possibilities for extending the Fishing Dock and creating a Small Boat Harbour and a Marina

Wicklow Harbour
Offshore Service Base, Fishing Dock & Marina
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