Shannon Superhighway




The Concept


The €450 million cost of the two power stations at Shannonbridge and Lanesborough could never be justified in economic terms. The political decision to build, was yet-another, short-term electoral expedient! 

Salvaging some economic benefit from the, already well-serviced, power station Sites, is the objective of this Concept.

The West Offaly &  Lough Ree Power Stations sit on enormous land-banks which can be readily utilized for Wind  & Solar Energy Generation. This energy can then be used for generating hydrogenusing H20 from the Shannon River.

Hydrogen can then be compressed and stored on the Power Station Sites, ready for barge distribution to various points on the Shannon Navigation, where the compressed hydrogen can be utilized.

Compressed hydrogen is a carbon neutral, non-polluting energy source. It can be converted via fuel-cells into electric energy to power trucks, buses, railway trains, barges, ships, commercial and domestic premises etc. etc.

The Power Station Sites can also be rezoned for Industrial/Commercial use, utilizing on-site Hydrogen Energy. 90% of the World's goods are transported by water as it is the most economically efficient form of transportation. The Shannon Navigation is an ideal conduit for the movement of compressed hydrogen via specially adapted barges.


Power Station eco-fuel transportation - 2016 Concept
West Offaly Power Station, Eco-fuel unloading dock and solar farms
Lough Ree Power Station, Compressed Hydrogen Loading Dock
Lough Ree Hydrogen Power Station 23.7.19
Bray Head Energy Storage Proposal