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Rosslare Port Concept

Note added 27th April 2022

Our World is fast-changing at a pace which is increasingly difficult to predict. Primarily due to unforeseen "Events" such as Covid-19 and the War in Ukraine. So Best Laid Plans need to be flexible.

Ultra Large Container Ships are still required for International Trade as they are cost-efficient. However, the current energy crisis, shifts Ireland's Ports focus to Offshore Energy which can be found in abundance off Ireland's Coasts.

A Concept Graphic (3) has therefore been added which increases the size of the Offshore Energy Base at the expense of the Container Docks.



Note added 1st Jan 2021

Today really is Brexit Day! The miserable event has finally taken place at long-last! 

With a disorderly withdrawal from the EU avoided, only in the final hours of negotiation.


It is but a localized & temporary triumph of self-interest over respect for all humanity. 

History is littered with similar examples of contempt by our leaders for others and, for the greater common good!

It will be recorded in history as a pyrrhic victory for English Nationalism, achieved at an enormous financial cost to Britain. A future breakup of the once-great United Kingdom is the predictable outcome!

Brexit increases the importance of Rosslare Port enormously. Not only as a direct Ro-Ro link with the European Mainland, but as a Container Port designed to berth Ultra Large Container Ships travelling from the Far East and direct from the America's via the Panama Canal. 

With a Deep Water Container Dock in place, Rosslare has the potential to serve not only Ireland via the rail and road network, but other Ports as well. Bearing in mind that very few Ports have deep-water berths capable of taking ULCS's and rely on transshipments via smaller container vessels i.e. Dublin, Belfast etc.

Shipping Containers are sealed, so notwithstanding the extra paperwork generated, Rosslare could serve as a transshipment point for containers destined for UK shallow-water ports.

Concept Plans of Rosslare Port  - illustrating how this can be achieved are attached below.

Rosslare 2026a.JPG
Rosslare Port - Concept 2
Deepwater Container Port
Rosslare Offshore Energy Base.JPG
Rosslare Port - Concept 3
Deepwater Container Port and Offshore Services Base
Rosslare 2026.JPG
Rosslare Port - Concept 2
Marine Access Channel Outline

Note 17.7.20 

Recent UK Government political machinations, point to a disorderly Brexit and a vexed withdrawal from the Common Fisheries Policy. 

The promotion of English Nationalism under the guise of Independence for the whole of the UK, is not only alienating the devolved Governments, but assumes that the ongoing "cake-and-eat-it" policy regarding Trade Negotiations with the EU, will bear fruit!

Future sales of UK fish into the Single Market will undoubtedly be linked to EU fishermen's  retention of the right-of-access to UK waters. At this point in time, a Fisheries Agreement is looking increasingly unlikely and, any disruption threatens the smooth passage of goods from Ireland to the EU via the current Landbridge Route.

Planning for a greatly expanded Port at Rosslare, makes sense in these unpredictable times. An opportunity also arises to create a Regional Enterprise Zone, taking advantage of the move away from Dublin to home-based working generated by the Covid-19 outbreak.

The attached Rosslare Port - Concept 1 assumes the following:

In 2018, an estimated 190,000 trucks passed from Ireland to the EU on Landbridge Route.

The trade of 3 million tonnes of goods has a €100bn value.

Landbridge journey currently averages 20 hours

Assumption is that the Landbridge journey time could increase significantly, due to political disagreement.

Disagreement could fuel activist disruption, which will add to the border check delays!

Ro-Ro direct from Ireland to EU averages  40 hours

Container lift direct from Ireland to EU averages 60 hours.

DP World London Gateway has recently announced 7 day, 24 hour working, to facilitate shipping.

Anyone familiar with French Motorways will also be familiar with recurring activist & port blockades.

Rosslare is strategically located for the shipping of goods directly between Ireland and the EU.

It already has an Irish Rail Station which could be greatly expanded to transport container freight to all parts of Ireland utilizing hydrogen powered trains off-peak.

This Concept Proposal is for a multi-functional Port and EU Gateway, including the following:

1. Ro-Ro Terminal

2. Container Port

3. Irish Rail Freight Terminal

4. Offshore Energy Plant Fabrication

5. Green Hydrogen Manufacture

6. Bio / Pharma Marine Research and Manufacture

7. Free Port Business, Manufacture and Assembly

Rosslare Port Concept 14.7.20.JPG
Rosslare Port - Concept 1
As Existing and Proposed
Rosslare Port Existing and Proposed.JPG
Rosslare Port - Concept 1
Ireland / EU Direct Gateway
Solar power energy supplement for trains.JPG
Rosslare Port Rail Terminal
Expanding & Greening Irish Rail with an Integral Power Source
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