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Irish Core Towns Revitalization
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Irish Core Towns RV

Our interlinked World is entering a new phase of dislocation. Brought on by a combination of factors including: Covid-19, Climate Change, world population growth and displacement, the rise of confrontation politics, fake news, supply chain breakdown, currency and prices manipulation, social insecurity etc. 

Insecurity, generates a need for self-reliance and a desire for life away from big cities to smaller communities. Ireland already possesses historic small towns, in neglected abundance.

Many small towns in rural Ireland, have the potential to become showcases for new forms of sustainable community living, via Revitalization and Expansion. Basic infrastructure and services already exist. These towns offer a splendid platform for expansion, as part of an interlinked rural network.

The unchecked growth of multinational companies, has drained wealth from rural areas to offshore. Effectively destroying the local business economy. The movement of increasing number of people due to climate change, conflict and other causes, is fast-becoming a fact of life. It is a movement that cannot be stopped by any Society that claims to be civilized. Handing migrants for whatever reason, demands significant pre-planning or any small nation can quickly be overwhelmed by shear numbers!

Many small towns in Ireland have remained neglected for generations. Local Town Authorities lack powers to change matters. Servicing the needs of individual Towns is uncoordinated and for all practical purposes non-existent. Government Departments and Agencies follow their own narrow Agenda's regardless. The entire Irish "Planning" and "Land Ownership" systems are dysfunctional. The latter, a relic of the British "Landlord System", a forcibly-imposed structure, used as a means of Governance by remote Authority. A System surprisingly adopted, with little modification, by the Founders of the Irish Free State.

Millions of people, including the Climate Displaced, could be rehoused and prosper in Ireland, in an interconnected and sustainable regional environment. Financed under EU Provisions where appropriate and subject to Approval via Local Referenda.

Re-vitalization of existing infrastructure where practical, is far preferable to new-build. Think of it as a form of recycling, utilizing "brown field" rather than "greenbelt" lands. Construction devours both materials and energy, so thought should always be given to minimizing carbon footprint at the design stage. And change in Official Attitude must come fast to prevent an Ecological and Climate Disaster.

All that is needed to set the ball rolling, is an Ireland Revitalization Act. Giving power to a Revitalization Authority with land acquisition and Planning "teeth" and the ability to raise funds. Local Action Groups working together with Local Authorities, have the ability to organise the rest! Local Architects' and Engineers' already have the training to supervise quality and Certify Standards if permitted to do so.

Tipperary Town RV
Tipperary Town RV
Multi-function Artery Concept
Arklow Town RV
Arklow Town RV
Future Development Concept

Sligo Town RV

Sligo Port Cencept - Location.jpg
Sligo Port & By Pass
Location Plan
Sligo Port Revised 16.8.20.JPG
Sligo Port & Docks
Atlantic Ocean Service Base
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