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Dublin is the trading and political capital of Ireland and, capital cities are a magnet for growth. The population of Greater Dublin can reasonably be expected to grow to 5 to 7 million in the next 100 years. This rapid urbanization of Greater Dublin, requires integrated thinking and, environmentally sustainable long-term infrastructural planning. Rapid population growth of cities, while common in other jurisdictions, is a recent development in Ireland due to it's long history of migration. The slow progress of Irish political reform, has created a legislative environment where urban growth is now seriously constrained. Multinational players with the necessary expertise and capital, are already frustrated by the process and, seeking opportunities elsewhere. Fundamental political change is therefore necessary, before the serious process of integrated forward planning on the required scale can begin. 

Greater Dublin Plan
East Coast/Atlantic Navigation Route
Greater Dublin Plan
Greater Dublin Linear City Expansion
Greater Dublin Plan
Dublin Orbital Metro - Route Plan
Greater Dublin Plan
Integrating the Distribution Network of Greater Dublin
Dub Orbital2.JPG
Greater Dublin Plan
Greater Dublin Orbital Development Corridor
Sky Bridge - Ireland UK.JPG
Greater Dublin Plan
Sky Bridge Possible Ireland/UK Route
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