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Ireland's 18GWh
Atlantic Green Energy Storage Hub



The Energy Generating Potential of the Atlantic Ocean off the West Coast, offers a prime economic opportunity for Ireland.

This Pumped Hydro Concept Proposal for an 18GWh Atlantic Green Energy Storage Hub or AGES-Hub, utilizes seawater as the energy storage medium. The Storage Reservoir is located on a high tableland of over 500 metres on the north side of Clew Bay, County Mayo. Surplus stone from the excavation, is used to construct an integral sheltered Harbour for use as an Offshore Energy Support Base.

Long-Duration Energy Storage is an essential part of the process of harnessing Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy Sources.

According to the World Bank (2020), pumped hydro is the least expensive form of energy storage.

Concept Details for the AGES-Hub are as follow:

Concept Cover 1.JPG
Ages-Hub 2.JPG
A8-23 - Corraun Hill viewed across Achill Sound 20x16in.jpg
Corraun Hill from Achill Sound  
A painting by Ross Eccles - 2023
Ages-Hub 3.JPG
Ages-Hub 4.JPG
Ages-Hub 5.JPG
Ages-Hub 6.JPG
Ages-Hub 7.JPG
Ages-Hub 8.JPG
Ages-Hub 9.JPG
Ages-Hub 10.JPG
Ages-Hub 11.JPG
Ages-Hub 12.JPG
Ages-Hub 13.JPG
Ages-Hub 14.JPG
Ages-Hub 15.JPG
Ages-Hub 16.JPG
Ages-Hub 17.JPG
Ages-Hub 19.JPG
Ages-Hub 18.JPG
Ages-Hub 20.JPG
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