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An Infrastructural Concept for the River Shannon.  
Includes: Flood Control, Navigation and potential for Development, Job-Creation, Enterprise etc. on a scale never before envisaged in such detail.



The River Shannon has been used by our ancestors to access central Ireland, since well before the time of the Vikings. At 360 kilometers long, it is the largest river in these Islands and, flows directly into the Atlantic Ocean with its many international trading routes.

Ross's Cencept, revives the Shannon's use as a Superhighway and, transforms it into an integral part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Economic Corridor.

It solves the flooding Problem. Promotes economic growth in both Agriculture and Tourism. Provides renewable energy and energy storage and creates fresh water storage for up to 18 million people.

Ross's Concept includes a new ship canal linking the Shannon with a new East Coast Superport north of Dublin, thereby interconnecting the Shannon Midlands with both the East and West Coast of Ireland.


shannonbridge floods from plane - snip - Copy.JPG
Tourism 5 - Copy.JPG

Catastrophic Shannon flooding events...... are a disaster waiting to happen!

They have been well-signposted by environmental experts and pose an unacceptable risk to life!

Ross explains how the River's discharge capacity is artificially restricted at Parteen and Ardnacrusha.  Patchwork solutions are long proven to be ineffective. 

Ross's Flood Canal Proposals, are designed to increased floodwater discharge by a minimum 1,000 m3/sec. This target is achieved by constructing 3 short flood canals with a total length of circa 21 kilometers. Ancillary dredging, weir, sluice dam, bridge works, locks etc. are to be provided as indicated on plan. Economic justification for the canals is achieved through long-term commercial inland navigation use and, charges for this use. Tiered rezoning charges for adjacent lands, are a further revenue source.

Banagher - Tourist Boat.JPG
Galway Canal - Plan5.JPG

Trade is essential for growth and, political events threaten Ireland's trade with and via Britain. Ross's Conceptual Solution provides for a Shannon Navigation to EU Inland Waterways Class Va shipping standard. It significantly strengthens Ireland's Regional Development and direct links with Europe. Ships, barges and cruise vessels up to 3,000 tonnes, will be able to access the River System as far as Lanesborough.

The increasing dominance of Dublin as the economic powerhouse of Ireland, creates a prosperity imbalance in the rest of the country. Ross's Conceptual Solution allows for the expansion of Athlone into an economically thriving city, by providing a 100 ha Port and Commercial Zone and a new transportation by-pass. Extensive re-zoning of existing floodplain lands allows for; residential, commercial, educational, medical and parkland expansion and development etc.

A & P Fish Ladders 4.JPG
Barrage Tide Map.JPG
Canal + solar farm.png

Farmers will have a competitive new export/import route for produce, via environmentally friendly superhighway barge transportation. One barge load = 85 truck loads! Ross envisages that farm profitability, compromised by Brexit, will significantly benefit and, 50,000 hectares of marginal farmland subject to regular flooding, will be reclaimed.

The historic Early Christian heritage of the Shannon, is unsurpassed. The river cruise boat industry, the fastest growing sector of the Tourist Market, will give access to this heritage. Ross's Concept allows marine and inland cruise vessels to operate on the Shannon, to an extent never before envisaged. "Ireland's Hidden Heartlands" will no longer be hidden!

Consumerism and rapid world population increase, are having a devastating impact on the natural environment. Planned land use is essential for sustainable economic growth, Ross's Conceptual Solution is designed to minimize environmental damage and enhance the natural environment where possible through sensitive forward planning.

Shannon Estuary Reservoir.JPG
Slalom 4.JPG

Safe drinking water is at the core of sustainable development and human survival itself. According to the World Health Organisation, 2.1 billion people already lack safe drinking water and the problem is getting worse! Ross's Proposal is for a Shannon Estuary Reservoir with the capacity to provide 18 million people, each with 100 litres of fresh water per day.

Surge tide flooding risk to Limerick and Cork, has increased significantly due to climate change. Ross's Conceptual Solution proposes Tidal Barrages across, both the Shannon Estuary and Cork Harbour. The barrages are primarily designed to protect lives and property. They can also be used as fresh water reservoirs, hydro power generation and, have energy storage and leisure potential.

The Artworks illustrated on this website are Shannon related. More artworks by Ross Eccles may be viewed on the website.

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