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Port of Derry Concept

Note - 23.8.20

Lough Foyle in Northern Ireland, is an ideal Base for exploiting the vast, as yet untapped, Atlantic Shelf Green Energy & Bio Resources located off the West Coast of Ireland and Scotland.

A small Foyle Port already exists. It is already a key maritime gateway to the North West of Ireland supporting some 1,000 jobs ------see:

This Port of Derry Concept creates a whole new dimension to the existing Port!

Port of Derry and the Local Region, have a bright future if the vast potential for increasing business & development activity can be realized in this politically divided Region.

This Concept is based on the following assumptions:

Concept Port is located in a geographically & politically sensitive area. 

Irrational confrontation has set back Social & Economic Development of the Region for decades.

Political changes generated by Brexit  (English Nationalism!), the Pandemic and other as yet Unforeseen Events, are likely to be fundamental and far-reaching.

What lies in the Region's future, is anyone's guess!

However, a Union or Strong Working Relationship between Scotland and Ireland within the EU, is no longer an outlandish political concept!

Future Development of Atlantic Energy Resources will lead to significant investment and growth.

Port Lands to be reclaimed with sheet piling, back-filled with material from a deepened approach channel by pump-suction dredgers.

The River Faughan rail bridge should incorporate a greenway  giving leisure access to Black Brae.

A Railway freight line extends into the Port for direct loading of containers and general cargo, using hydrogen powered trains.

An opportunity arises to establish a Marine Engineering Research Centre within the Port Area.

A Service Base for Offshore Wind and Wave energies can be established.

A liquid hydrogen Plant adjoining ESB Coolkeeragh, becomes a storage medium for Intermittent Ocean Green Energy. 

Liquid hydrogen to be exported by specialized vessel, direct to International Markets

Container handling and many other activities will be automated.

Pilots to take charge of unmanned ships and other vessels for the last leg into Port.

A Heliport and unmanned aerial & marine vehicle port to be accommodated at Derry Airport.

Agricultural, Forest & Building Material exports / imports are included in general cargo.

Portr of Derry Location Map 24.8.20.JPG
Port of Derry
Location Map
Port of Derry - Marine Contours.JPG
Port of Derry
Marine Contours
Port of Derry - Concept Plan.JPG
Port of Derry
Concept Plan
Bozz Map revised 24.8.20.JPG
Politics - And It's influence on infrastructural decision-making.
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